Five dream Presidential candidates

With all the fanfare surrounding the candidature of Pranab mukherjee for the post of president of India,it becomes difficult to dissent. This is why we here at Farzi News  decided to find out which of the current public personalities could replace the exceedingly successful current president Shri Pratibha Patil ji.

This list is based on overcoming what little shortcomings(if they exist) Patil Mam had .Here is our list


Dolly Bindra to join politics

1: Dolly Bindra:She can be a very strong contender for the post. Mrs Patil was very soft spoken andhardly spoke on any hard subject but dolly could be a completely different animal. Last heard she was planning to jump into the race . Think about it Dolly Bindra in a debate on Kashmir with the head of Pakistan and someone points a finger at her. I think we wont have any problems from them anymore

2:Arindam Choudhry: Finally we might be able to tell the world “Think beyond US” or may

Arindham choudhry Picbe even “Think beyond Planet Earth”. We would be rated the best country to have ever existed or will exist and be ranked number one in many aspects such as “Ranked Number 1 in people shitting on the streets”


Vijay Mallaya3: Vijay Mallya: Finally some oomph in the Rashtrapati bhawan, he not only will get some brand recognition for the post but also make it the number 1 destination to visit for Presidents of all countries and may rival the popularity of ******* Mansion.His election might also make more youngsters aspire to become Presidents

Rajiv and Raghu from MTV Roadies

4:Raghu twins from roadies: Ahh we will never know which one of the two twins we selected. They can be at two places at the same time . Also we will have auditions of all staff  which will be posted online. You will need to climb a 10 feet wall, lift a truck and finally admit that you are a complete Moron to get to meet the Prezi

5:Rakhi Sawant:Why not? she is the new Bhartiya Nari. She can speak ,do drama and Dance too. Think about it, she might cry during debates, faint while discussion on euro crises and throw a fit when delivering 15 august speech.Finally people will take notice of the post and be glued to their TVs to see what will Rakhi do next


These were the five candidates along with the value proposition they posses . Who do you support?

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