Dr Swamy : Diwali Firecrackers Purify the air

BJP Leader Dr Swamy , after claiming that opposing Diwali Fire crackers is a sign of being a retard , anti national , hindu hater , islam sympathizer , Dhimmi , has claimed that there is more to Diwali fire crackers than what meets the eye.

He claimed that Diwali Fire Crackers have the tatva and the energy of the divine and actually purify the air. The crackers are fine tuned to a specific frequency that is the frequency of the God and it resonates the earth in a way that all living beings are benefitted.

This theory of his has found great support with the likes of Deepak Chopra who is now writing a book “Boom Boom, the language of the God”

Dr Swamy even claimed that Indians had invented the Gun powder much earlier than Chinese(Historians claim Chinese did ,much later than Lord Ram’s existence), who then stole it from us and killed all gun powder making Shudra’s  thus killing the art in India.

Dr Swamy further said that this resonance is achieved only when a true Sanatan Dharmi Hindu bursts the fire cracker ,as only his frequency matches with the firecracker. This is why no benefit is achieved when firecrackers are burned by foreigners on new year’s eve and other functions

Some of Dr Swamy’s followers have urged people with breathing problems to get out during Diwali ,believe in themselves, take Lord Ram’s name and breath in the purified Air to get cured instantaneously .

Real Doctor world over have strictly advised against it though .Baba Ramdev’s comments are still awaited


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