Donald Trump is a Hillary Clinton Creation . A detailed Account

It was in April of 2016 , immediately after Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy for President of United States that Hillary met with the Donald Trump.

Clinton was worried, she had had enough of being denied the presidency by better candidates coming in. She deserved to be the president, it was her RIGHT.

She had worked hard, maintained her image and glided over several disasters.

She knew that every time she was in the foray for presidency(1992 and 2008), she would start strong , only to be choked at the end by other candidates. Her voters would be swayed by the eloquence of the other candidate or his policies or his track record

This time she was taking no chances.She needed a distraction, a distraction BIG enough to stop her voters from thinking, from comparing.

She needed someone who would make such noise that the voice of reason would not be heard, and she found the perfect Man, or so she thought : Donald Trump

She needed someone who would make such noise that the voice of reason would not be heard, and she found the perfect Man, or so she thought : Donald Trump

Trump had time and again expressed his desire to be the President and Hillary had always found it cute. Both knew, Donald could not win, but he was a terribly good actor and could make a lot of noise.

They met at a shed behind Donald’s Swanky apartment to discuss the matters.

“Donald why don’t you actually run for President” asked Hillary

“Why should I, I am already more powerful than you or anyone in this country” said trump in his signature style

“So you want to be known as a bafoon who just says random stuff without following up” ,said Hillary poking his ego

“I need nobody to prove anything, everyone knows who I am”

The meeting was tense and went on for a few hours but seemed to be heading for a stalemate until Hillary took out the trump card(no pun intended)

She had recorded Obama making fun of Donald trump in a private conversation . Obama also planned to write his memoir post his presidency and in it, also mention how laughable he found Donald trump

The moment Hillary switched off the tape , Donald was a changed man. Obama always struck a raw nerve with Donald.

The room was so somber that the question of Donald running was settled without anyone needing to speak it out .

The plan worked, Donald was so loud that Hillary supporters  were too busy watching his antics to notice Bernie sanders. Hillary won the Democratic party nomination .

Hillary also gave enough tips and tricks to Trump on how to win at least a few states so that he could remain in the republican race till the very end. This apparently proved to be dangerous. Donald was a fast learner , he learned it so well that he became the nominee for the Republicans.

Now Hillary was the voice of reason that was being drowned by Trump.

Though the understanding was that Trump would run until Bernie dropped out or Hillary won, no one expected Trump to actually beat the likes of Jeb bush and Ted cruz.

The communication between Hillary and Trump campaign are currently impossible due to media scrutiny ,hence the Hillary campaign is not sure that if Trump is trying to lose the election and honor his earlier deal or he now actually wants to be the President.

This Monster is a Hillary Creation.



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