Dolly Bindra to contest for President of India

Dolly bindra the superstar of Big Boss has decided to join active politics.She says that after the exposure she got in bigboss she has become a well known face and a lot of indian women look up to her and want to be like her.

She has been in background of politics for  a long time and has decided to come to fore front now. And no she doesnt want to become a Local MLA or MP or a minister, if rumors are to be believed ,she has decided to become the President of India

Dolly Bindra to join politics

Dolly Bindra to join politics, decides to become President

Looks like after an utterly silent President who people barely seem to know ,except for poor school children who have to memorize her name  ,India will get a true Loud president . India is about to change. This we believe is the birth of loud india, we can now shout down any opposition. Who needs nuclear missiles?

Think about Dolly Bindra arguing with the Pakistani dictator at that time about Kashmir. forget Kashmir, they might gift her some more land just to pacify her. WIN!

Apart from this Dolly has decided to get two new rules framed for all Mard Jaat once she becomes the president

1. No mard can point a finger at her, they can show a finger but not point it.

2.No mard would be allowed to talk about her father

We wanted to point out that president doesn’t pass any laws but only signs them, but were afraid of any argument.

Also on an unrelated note: Shweta tiwari, plans to flee India

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  1. June 16, 2012

    […] spoke on any hard subject but dolly could be a completely different animal. Last heard she was planning to jump into the race . Think about it Dolly Bindra in a debate on Kashmir with the head of Pakistan and someone points a […]

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