Digvijay Singh takes vow of Non Silence

To counter Anna Hazare’s successful Vow of silence Digvijay sing has decided to start his own viw. His will be a vow of Non Silence. Digvjay singhh will now NOT REMAIN SILENT till the end of his vow. He plans to constantly badmouth Anna Hazare,Anna’s team and his movement.

He has prepared a few dialogs which he plans to keep repeating. This is like repeating mantras in religious ceremonies

Some of the statements he has prepared are

1. Anna hazare…ye¬†kaun hai

2. Ye kal ke chokre hamein sikhayenge

3.Anna is like Osama Ji..he doesn’t knwo who he is dealing with

4. Lokpal bill to Rahul baba ka idea that, ye kejriwal aur anna faltoo credit le rahe hain

5.Kejriwal has not paid governments money, he is a thief .How dare he question us?


He is planning to start his vow from Sonia Gandhis house.If Anna can take the name of Mahatma gandhi why cant he take name of sonia gandhi?


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