Dhoni Retires ,Sparking off String of Resignations of 33 year olds in IT Companies

Dhoni Retires:

Inspired by Dhoni ‘s sudden retirement , 100s of 33 year old software engineers and team leads have announced their retirement.

Many of them have claimed that since they have already given their 100% and helped their projects get multiple best project awards, it was time to move on to other fruitful endeavors and let other youngsters take the grind.

Many team  leads have said that even though their projects achieved greater heights under their leadership, their own performance has deteriorated owing to multiple project pressures

Finally all agreed that if Dhoni can retire at 33 , why can’t they? Dhoni they said inspired them to retire and live life finally.

*****Update 1****************

Many people who resigned  have withdrawn their resignations and called it a spur of moment epiphany which they should not have entertained in a job like theirs.

************************Uodate 2***************************

Many of them (10 confirmed cases)  have agreed to take a paycut to get their jobs back


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