Dharna Tourism

Following the path breaking work done by medical establishments in Kerala and AP in attracting people using medical tourism, AK(Arvind Kejriwal)  had decided to create what he calls as “Dharna Tourism.” He plans to use this to increase the number of tourists visiting India, especially Delhi.

Dharna tourism allows tourists to participate in Dharna’s when they visit Delhi. They would have a menu from which they could make a choice of the type of Dharna’s (like Ghee dosa versus Masala dosa). They would be encouraged to choose before they leave for India, but would have the option of changing it when they arrive in Delhi. Tourists would be provided with all the necessary paraphernalia (caps, right clothes, flags, etc.) to use when they decide to participate in a particular Dharna. They would also be give training in how to respond when police used teargas or water cannons.

This is my contribution to help India reduce its foreign exchange dependence, said AK (CM of Delhi) when he announced Dhrana tourism. We all need to work together to help our country.

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