Delhi Police claims abusive words act of violence! Justifies lathi-charging students

India’s premier police force, once again displayed their caliber in a press conference where they claimed that the use of abusive words against the PM constituted an official act of violence.

Police spokesman, G Aandu said,

“The abusive words used by the women in yesterday’s protest constitute an act of violence against our police force. As a professional police force we are obligated to any act of violence, be it a word or a phrase. The absence of women officers to lathi charge female students is a mere technicality. What were these female students doing outside of the kitchen anyways?”

On asked about the presence of people other than the police who attacked the students, G Aandu had this to say, ” In today’s age of privatization, we too decided to outsource some of our responsibilities to some interested parties. We should be complimented for the same”

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  1. Dr.H.N.Patwari says:

    Realistic sarcastic satire.

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