Govt Unsure how many Civilians it can kill without needing to explain itself

 It seems the massive criticism the BJP government is facing for deaths due to demonetisation has caught it off guard.

People are asking questions and even the supreme court has intervened ,asking the government to explain itself . This all has left the government confused and bewildered.

Hence the government has moved a petition in the supreme court to specify the number of people it can kill without having to explain why.

All great plans require sacrifice and the government just wants to know how many people it can sacrifice without being questioned.

“The government insists that this is not a sinister plan but just a way to make sure that they can work in peace without having to worry about people dying because of it’s policies.It is just too hard to explain these things”, said a spokesperson  .

“Obviously we do not want to kill many people ”

The spokesperson further added that” deaths due to demonetisation should not be treated as failures but as stepping stones to success, atleast they will now help us get clarity on new laws around it.”

Once a number is decided, no one would be allowed to criticize the government untill the allowed death quota is not breached

The Supreme Court will hear the plea next month.


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