Shiv Sena Demands Gaushala (Cow Shelters) only for Hindu Cows

Shiv Sena has demanded the cow shelters in the state should only be used to house and protect Hindu Cows.

To protect the holy cows from Hunger and slaughter the state governments all over the country fund various Gowshalas (Cow shelters). These cow shelters give housing , food and sometimes medical care to cows left to roam the streets . In India cows are considered holy, hence the government considers it a moral duty to give a dignified life to Cows.

Sadly many of these cow shelters are overcrowded, ill equipped and extremely underfunded. To solve this issue , Shiv sena has demanded that the hindu cows be given priority over the muslim and other religion cows.

Cows have been time and again referred in vedas and puranas and are considered holy. It is our duty to protect the hindu cow and give it a comfortable life .

Regarding differentiating cows, the shivsena spokes person said that a cows religion is decided by the family that raised it or fed it before it was abandoned.

Muslim cows have a different temperament than hindu cows as they have been raised by a different community and have lived in a different culture. They are less peace loving and more prone to hurting other cows and also less holy –said shivsena spokesperson

The opposition parties are yet to understand what this means and hence have not expressed any opinion on this.

RSS said that it supports the demand in principle but needs to still evaluate it’s consequences

It remains to be seen that whether this new ploy to differentiate cows based on religion work?


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