Cow Dung crackers that clean the Air

G Pandey , member of a cow vigilante group and President of Cows Trump Everything scientific society, claimed to have solved the cracker problem.

GP said that if the crackers we burn at Diwali contained a bit of Cow dung and a bit of havan samagri ,  the air would become cleaner.

G Pandey further  said:

We all know that Cow Dung can pretty much do everything you can think of , including curing cancer to rocket fuel . In our research we also found that it purifies the air when burnt. Add to that some havan samagri that can even purify the most toxic fumes on the planet , and you have an unbeatable combination.

These crackers can actually purify the air rather than polluting it .

The more you burn, better the air becomes, think about it.

To strengthen his claim GP showed a message from WhatsApp and an article on his own website

GP claims that he will make the crackers for the next Diwali and the air post-Diwali would become cleaner than what it was pre diwali.

He went on to say that his crackers would be used as an air purification system in houses, schools and even hospitals.

I have a dream that one day the cracker fumes would replace the Oxygen cylinders–said GP thoughtfully


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