IT Couple Falls in Love via Anonymous Facebook Confessions page, both confused about each other’s identities

In what may be the strangest love story of all times, a couple fell in love via the confessions page of their company(Indian IT company) but both do not know and may never know the true identity of the other

Note: Confessions page is a trend where people can post anything on a facebook page by submitting it anonymously via a google Love on confessons pageform. No one(including the facebook page owner) are unaware of the true identities of people submitting the content

This all started when a guy posted about his crush on a girl in his office wearing red salwaar kameez on that day. Luckily the girl also responded via an anonymous post and the conversation started right on the page via a string of confession posts. This all was harmless untill the girl revealed that she has actually fell for the guy and wanted to meet him in real life, she even disclosed her identity.

As soon as she revealed her identity 15 men came out in open, claiming to be the love of her life. As if this was not enough, 5 more girls also came forward claiming that the girl who revealed her identity is a fraud and they are the real confessors.

The community tried to help by looking at sentence structure of each individual and guessing who actually wrote the confessions but with little success. The community owner said that theoretically she could look at IP addresses but since all worked in the same company  IP addresses would be masked

The current situation is a mess and alas it might be one love story that was never meant to be.


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