Peon becomes a Project Manager thanks to Corporate Reorganization

Strange things happen in the corporate jungle .

Jeet Prakash ,a Peon in a leading software company ,could not believe his luck when he  was made the head Peon of his department in his second month of service . This was due to a corporate reorganisation.

This was just the beginning of 2 year  roller coaster ride for him ,as the company went through as much as 10 Reorgs /Restructuring/Right Sizing/etc etc .

Every time there was a Reorg , Jeet found himself to be part of departments with less and less head counts (once just 3 people) , thus automatically leading to his promotion .

He was put into new an upcoming departments , old departments which were being refreshed Peon becomes PMwith new talent and sometimes just moved around for no reason . Every new reorg undid what the previous reorg had planned but Jeet was not the one to complain.

From Peon Jeet moved to head peon  which was later renamed to Junior administrative Assistant . In one Reorg the idea was to flatten the org, hence Jeet became an associate like everyone else and was allowed to move into softwares . He did not really know how to code and did not even need to as a new reorg was soon on its way to put him into a department with 3 people . One was made a DM , One PM and he was made a Consultant.

Jeet barely added any skill set but by stroke of immense good luck, he finally ended up as a Project Manager in a 3 people project.He now enjoys the luxuries of life and eagerly awaits the next reorg as he believes he is ready for the next role

We guess he had mane “Transferrable Skills”

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