Congress proves RSS behind Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev using Farmville

Congress has been lambasting Anna Hazare  and Baba Ramdev and claiming that RSS backed by BJP was behind their fight against corruption. Anna Hazare has not only dismissed this claim but also said that Congress leaders need to go to mental hospital. He even challenged the government to find any link.

Owing to this ,Rahul Gandhi ,who is the tech savvy one started on a mission to unravel the link ,and seems to have finally found it via facebook.

Congress party has finally found proof of RSS backing Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev Via Facebook

Who is tilling their farms? Exposed

It seems both Anna and baba Ramdev own two farms each on Farmville ,even though they never declared it as their  assets, and they have been receiving a lot of kickbacks in the form of cherry trees ,sheeps pigs and chicken. Recently Anna was also gifted an Elephant , a very rare gift by none other than LK Advani.

To make the matters even more worse, It seems while Baba Ramdev was away fasting  Sushma Swaraj watered his plants  and also put up a sign board saying “I danced here”.

It seems many BJP leaders are now their neighbours and are making sure their plants do not die while they are away. Though BJP says its a mark of gesture but congress is not satisfied

“It is very clear that Anna and Baba Ramdev have much closer ties with BJP and RSS than previously thought and this needs to be brought in front of the public. We will launch an awareness campaign and educate students and youngsters to go and check farmville on their own and know the truth” ...Quoted Rahul Gandhi

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4 Responses

  1. paromita says:

    ha ha ha ……LOL LOL

  2. saket bharti says:

    I think congress is behind him . Like congrees is making him hero . Donot ask why he is scolting congress , have u rember Raz Thakare how congress gave innocent statement to make him hero , no one can forget how nhe cut BJP Shivsena votes
    in Assembly election.

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