Comedians Request replacement for Politicians

After Jaya bachhan taking exception to being made fun of by Comedians and Radio jockeys, comedian association of India(CIA)  has hit back and asked for her replacement.

The comedian association says that politics is by far the funniest thing in India at the moment and they can not help , but make fun of it.

They say that if they do not make fun of Indian politicians, international comics will and Indian comedians will lose out on the market. This they say is going to affect their livelihood .Jaya Bachhan hates comedy

The comedian association has requested that either a funnier source is provided (eg: CCTV footage of how government servants work) or politicians become unfunny by being consistent and logical in their stands .

The Comedian Association ended their appeal by saying….

We are also tired….we don’t like it too, ganda hai par dhanda hai.


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