Fight against Chilladpan–Beggar’s union up in arms

President of Beggar Union of India has declared that they have requested the government to Ban all notes below 50 rs Denomination. This is being done to discourage  people from giving chillad money in alms.

GaribBhai the president of beggar Union quoted that “We work hard all day in sun hoping that people will give us some good money to run our household ,but what we finally get is Chillad. They just use us a dustbins to get rid of the 1 and 10 rs note. Tell me what can you get with 10 rs these days. Even a Mac Donald burger costs 25.Finally people pay us to satisfy their conscience, if people don’t have 10 rs they will automatically give 50 rs “

The Union also plans to launch an educational campaign to sensitize people about chilladpan

Garib Bhai fighting against Chilladpan

Garib Bhai ,fight against chilladpan,Ban 1,5 and 10 rs Note

He also said that they are ready to launch a nation wide stir to get these notes out of circulation and if required will also go on indefinite Fast.

Baba Ramdev has shown us the way, he is protesting to get 500 and 1000 rs note banned to curb the menace of corruption , we also want to ban notes of 1,5 and 10 and all coins to curb the menace of Chilladpan. ” Garib Bhai Quoted


We have not yet received any comments from the government

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