Government threatens to give all returned awards to Chetan Bhagat

In a move to stop intellectuals from returning awards the government has threatened that  it will give all returned awards to Chetan Bhagat going forward.

"Chetan Bhagat" by Chetan Bhagat - Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons -


These award will not be just namesake but will be given officially.The government has further threatened that it is mulling the decision to officially award already returned honors to Chetan bhagat.

If the government follow through it’s threat, Chetan Bhagat would be a recipient of 33 Sahitya Akademi awards , 11 national awards and 1 Padma Bhushan making  him the most awarded person in history of  free India.

The Government hopes that the fear of future generations viewing Chetan Bhagat as the greatest man who lived in India ever might dissuade them from further returning awards.



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