Chennai to be renamed as Sweat Lake City of India

In an effort to rebrand India internationally , the Modi government is bring out a bill to rename some of the cities. One of the most controversial ones in that list is Chennai . Madras was renamed to Chennai in 1996 to reflect the local sensitivity , but this time the government wants it to go global.

An online poll was conducted to find the most frequent term associated with Chennai , un surprisingly the term that defined Chennai was Sweat . Respecting the mandate of people the government decided to give it an international spin and call it “Sweat Lake City of India, after the famous “Salt late City” of Utah .

Chennai to be renamed as Sweat Lake City of India

The name gels well with the personality of the city as well because the human perspiration can literally form a Lake of Sweat.

The bill will be discussed in the parliament in the next session.


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