Conclusive Chemtrails Proof found: They make you a smoker

Finally the mystery of chemtrails proof is over. Activists have long theorized the existence of chemtrails and their potential misuse by the government.Over the years conspiracies ranged from mind control to mass poisoning even though all of the world scientists disagreed but all that is about to change.

Proof of chemtrails

Savita, a new jersey based mom of 2 teenage kids, had been struggling with her teenage kids taking up smoking. In spite of all the good values she inculcated and numerous warnings by medical experts, her 2 sons weer caught smoking many times. She was devastated and was looking for reasons for her sons rebellion.

During a stroll through her park she noticed something that was off. She saw that a plane potentially laden with chemtrails passed right above her house. She had seen the plane before many times and tried to recollect when did she first saw the plane. To her surprise , the planes first appearance date was same as the date her sons were caught smoking for the first time. Did the plane had something to do with it? Not giving into conspiracy theories, savita decided to dig further.

She charted the course of the plane and and visited all the houses it crossed over to see if the problem persisted in other homes also. The results shocked her. Almost 90% of teenagers below the planes path had become smokers. After this thorough research Savita was convinced that the plane was the culprit.

Digging further ,She then took samples of the air of her neighborhood after all teenagers promised they stopped smoking and had them tested in the state of art lab.The results indicated presence of similar smoke as found in burning cigarettes ,confirming her worst fear that the chemtrails in the plane that passed above her house was actually a chemical mix similar to cigarette smoke spread to make teenagers attracted towards smoking.

Savita, being a BA in Psychology, also noticed that the pronounced smoke coming out of plane subconsciously biased teenagers towards smoking .

Savita had found the proof of chemtrails, chemtrails proof had been found.

Savita found that it is nothing but a big conspiracy by the tobacco companies to make sure they always have customers addicted to it. Since they could no longer advertise, they stooped to this level to make some quick bucks.


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