Cheat sheet lands ISB student a job with McKinsey

In this cut throat world ,where students go to extremes to differentiate themselves from peers ,Ram Shankar Mahadev decided to use something that everyone has.

When McKinsey came to recruit at ISB (Indian School of Business) ,instead of showcasing his past performance,his leadership skills or his non existent CGPA ,Ram decided to talk about how he created Cheat sheets for his exams.

ISB Cheat sheet

Cheat sheet that helped Ram get a job in McKinsey

ISB allows students to carry one handwritten sheet ,known as cheat sheet, for many exams .Students try to fit as much as possible on that single page.

While some use it to write jargons, some to write formulas ,some just try to write as much as they can ,many carry them just for moral support.

Unlike many others, Ram did enough planning and research around his cheat sheet.

Throwing some light on his process to create the cheat sheet in question , he gave us the following glimpse

I first went through the entire syllabus and marked all cheat sheet worthy material,using this as base- I started cutting out repeated and non important info. Since the matter was huge ,I proceeded to creating jargons of my own which were used throughout and added a glossary section right in the central column. Unlike others, I decided to write in Landscape mode instead of portrait as you tend to use the space better and also it is easy to read and reference”

As per Ram ,it took him around 6 hours for the entire process

As a sample he attached the cheat sheet as a reference along with his CV to McKinsey. McKinsey was impressed with his quality and research and also saw that he was capable of creating large and complex slides ,perhaps this is the reason he was inducted after just one round of interviews  which were focussed not on cases but his cheat sheet stratergy

Ram is on cloud nine and soon plans to start a cheat sheet preparation workshop for his peers. He might just publish a book also.

The cheat sheet did not help me pass an exam ,but it sure helped me land my dream job. We can say that hard work never goes waste…said ram

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  1. FARZ says:

    that chit in pic is either chemistry chit or of electrical science

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    WTF , too much ho gaya

  3. POPO says:

    25 Lakhs and you learn to make Cheat Sheets–Sounds about right

  4. Neha says:

    You know, this actually might work….some ISB student needs to try this

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