Chandra Grahan to expose the corrupt.

Baba ShivShambuRamSwaroopSitaMaiyaKePujariHunumanBhakt has claimed that the fight against corruption is soon going to end.

He has claimed that corrupt people are not actually people but Aleins who were  brought to earth by Xenu as documented in the religion Scientology(

Chandra Grahan

Chandra Grahan 2011 to expose the corrupt. (Image by:Jiyang Chen)

He says that even though Scientologist  claim that they were blasted off using volcanoes, the truth is that many of them survived and mixed with the human race. After generations and generations they still survive amongst us as souls and keep shifting from one body to another thus making us corrupt.

Corruption he says is not inherent to human nature but manifestation of these evil souls.

Though these Xenu’s Souls are undetectable by any means known to man ,they become visible when there is a Moon exclipse. The Chandra Grahan that is going to happen on 15 of june will expose these evil spirits.

Baba ji Quoted from the sacred text “All corrupted people will glow like a fire ball when the moon is brown”. This he says is the direct reference to the Chandra Grahan in India.

See everything is aligned so well. The time is right, its happening in India and also there is a Mass movement against corruption.

He urged the countrymen to look for people who are glowing during chandra grahan and  report them to teh police as corrupt(barring tehy dont glow)

“I Also Challenge all politicians to take the Chandra Grahan test. Come out during Chandra Grahan and prove that you are not corrupt“..shouted Baba

He says he will urge Baba Ramdev to use his 11,000 militia to get people out on streets and identify the corrupt ones.

So a question to all of you…Will you be out?

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