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Coke , Haan mein crazy hoon

New coke Ad becomes a nuisance for waiters

Haan mein crazy hoon ad, Though seems like a nice and novel Idea, this has become a nuisance for many waiters across the country.Waiters have gained weight,lost productivity and also lost tip revenue. It really is crazy

measuring code quality

To Control attrition IT Companies to share data on employee’s code quality

In a hope to control excessive ongoing attrition, IT giants of the country have decided to share more than just employe’s work details.IT companies have now decided to share any developer’s code quality metrics along with his/her relieving letter. These metrics will be mandatorily attached to the relieving letter and the employee will have to cumpolsorily show that to the new company.In addition to this the companies will also share this information with any potential recruiter of their employees if requested

Apple Country

Apple to start its own country

With value of Apple computers about to reach 1 trillion dollars,Steve Job’s company has decided to start its own country. The country will be cut out of existing area of united states and Apple...

My computer

Software jobs to be termed as hazardous jobs

Indian HRD ministry is considering a proposal to label Software jobs in companies without Facebook access as Hazardous. The proposal states that with most Software engineers having a compulsive need to check facebook wall,likes and pokes, have serious mental issues when denied access to facebook.