India Seeks deportation of Canadians who did not stand for Indian National anthem during Dangal in Canada

It is a well-known fact that Indian films are very popular in Canada, sadly many Canadians do not respect the Indian National Anthem or the Indian National Flag.

It was recently reported that 2 Canadians, watching the film Dangal in Canada, did not stand during the Indian National Anthem at the end of the film.

They did not even shed a tear when Miss Phogat won.

This is a grave disrespect of the national anthem of India which cannot be tolerated.

The Indian government has raised an Interpol lookout for these two Canadians and also asked for their immediate deportation to India so that they can spend some time in Indian jails.

We want EVERYONE in the world to understand our culture and acknowledge our superiority in terms of values and morality — said an indian official

In case Canada does not comply, Canada would no longer receive any original prints of Indian Bollywood movies and will be snubbed diplomatically by India.
The Indian PM Modi would also no longer wish Canadian PM Justin Trudeau on his birthday.

Justin Trudeau has offered an all expense paid trip to Indian Government Officials as an official apology.


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