Buzzfeed Stops giving writers Salary to motivate them to write about Ways to survive as a homeless

In a bizarre twist , BuzzFeed , a popular “content” site has decided to do away with salaries for writers in an attempt to generate the most authentic content.

This all started when Buzzfeed execs wanted to get content around “how to be homeless” ,but none of their “writers” was able to generate anything plausible. They floated an idea of forcing their own “writers” to become homeless so that they get a first-hand account. The idea was quickly accepted by the execs .

The execs are confident that since they have real writers working for a disruptive company unlike their competitors, they would not object to losing their salary , home and decent living conditions to create an article.

Disruption is not for the weak..quoted an exec

These homeless writers would start with pathbreaking articles such as

  • 5 ways to be homeless in new york
  • Homeless but classy
  • 7 free things you can eat, 5th one would blow your mind
  • 9 things that would certainly give you diarrhea–we tried
  •  10 things you can do for other people in exchange for food
  • 8 perfectly edible things you won’t believe people throw away
  • 9 ways to kick that cold without a house
  • 10 disgusting things extreme cold can do to you
  • 5 reasons why does BuzzFeed does not pay it’s writers
  • 10 existential questions you get that drive you crazy
  • 7 types of voices you hear in your head sometimes

This will start as one month trial and if they get enough traffic, it would become a permanent fixture. All BuzzFeed writers for this section would be made permanently homeless



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