VK Singh asks DRDO to build a Bull Shit and Cow Dung Dome around India to deter Pakistan’s Nuclear attack

Pakistan’s nuclear weaponry has been a major cause of concern for India for some time. The issue is not about enmity with a nation because it can be death with diplomacy , but with a rogue state.

India always feared that Pakistan would fall in the laps of yet another mad dictator or succumb to Taliban which would then take over the nuclear arsenal.In such a scenario, the mad dictator or Taliban may engage in self destructive nuclear war.

But it seems, things are finally  looking up for India.

After RSS released a much hidden fact that Cow dung can prevent people from nuclear weapons, VK Singh, the defence minister of India ordered DRDO to build a massive Dome/kavach made of Cow dung around India to permanently deter Pakistan’s nuclear threat. Just to be on the safe side he also ordered them to mix some bull shit along with it.

The new Bull Shit Dome would prevent India even if Pakistan launched as nuclear bomb as cow dung and BS would not allow any harmful substance to pass. The bomb would be converted to Havan samagri as it passes through bull shit dome and purify the air where it falls

The dome would be completed in 1 year or 2 months if RSS helps and would be an amazing feat of engineering and a marvel of the historical past.

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