Man Creates Blog: Expects Brands to Bow to him

Sri, a Hyderabad based man, recently discovered the power of bloggers when he saw brands paying top dollars to get attention of prominent bloggers.
He saw how a simple blog post could affect brand reputation and how big brands bent over backwards to please irate bloggers.
Seeing all this, he decided to join in and created a brand new blog at a popular blogging platform His first blog post was a simple hello world where he posted the following statement

Dear Brands,

This is ma first blog post. I m now an established bloggers who has started his blog at nothing less than , a Google Company.

Send your requests to blog about your brand at my email address . Please note that nothing is free, i will be charging a minimum 10,000 rs to post about you. You better get in line first because first come first serve is the rule in ma blog.You may pay double to get ma to blog bout your product earlier..Nothing is easy people

Also all brands who I deal with should note, I now have a blog. Fear ma , pray to ma , pay ma, upgrade ma—Bit****

It is yet to be seen if the blogger received any request yet or not.



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