The condom comment was to praise JNU not discredit it : BJP #BJPCountsCondoms

A BJP spokesperson has said that the comment by one of it leaders Gyan Dev that “everyday they find 3000 used condoms, 300 beer cans ,4000 bedis , 2000 Indian liquor bottles and 500 abortion injections in JNU” was actually to praise JNU students rather than discredit it

  1. The student population of over 7000 just drank 3000 beer cans implying they drank responsibly.
  2. 3000 used condoms implied that despite being drunk they used protection like responsible adults
  3. Bedi and Indian liquor implied they supported Made In India
  4. and Abortion injections implied they were pro choice

It was the media that took the whole thing the wrong way and started the hashtag #BJPCountsCondoms.

Not everything BJP leaders say is bad, said the spokesperson


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