Kiran Bedi and Shazia ilmi get BJP trolls army protection

Bhartiya janta party has finally conferred Kiran Bedi and Shazia ilmi , one of the highest honor they can, protection by BJP trolls army.
BJP troll army is kind of an Internet army whose job is to protect people against any embarrassing questions, drown and trend with a counter Twitter trend and mass spam anyone differing from their opinions.

Though they have been unofficially protecting them a bit in the past, now it will be all official and their protection would be part of their KRAs and will be discussed in their year end appraisals .This ,BJP hopes,will make sure that the trolls do their job with full patriotism and dedication.

The trolls army is massive and is effective . One of their key jobs in case of Shazia ilmi and Kiran Bedi is to make sure they spam anyone asking Bedi and ilmi about what is their stand on transparency in election funding with “Ak is a Bhagoda” tweets.
They also mass favourite and retweet any response, however illogical ,given by these leaders.
Many of them try and engage the tweeter into mindless tweet discussions to take focus away from the question.

While Bedi has been given Z+ security , ilmi is currently only enrolled in the basic plan.
Rumour has it that BJP troll army is looking to hire some Viraat Hindus .

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