BJP supporter finally convinces himself that BJP is not corrupt

After a series of heated facebook and twitter arguments, Sohan, an ardent Modi supporter, was confused on how to justify his support to BJP based on their anti-corruption promises.

He had been arguing that congress was corrupt and would loot India , but was stumped when faced with a barrage of comments from “paid agents” questioning him how can he then justify the rampant corruption in BJP and the fact that BJP fields one of the highest number of candidates with criminal cases.

He initially tried to satisfy his concience  by saying that nothing has been proved yet, but then he lost his argument against likes of A Raja , Shiela Dixit and Sonia Gandhi, who again are not convicted yet.

He finally ended all arguments by resorting to mindless cursing or typing Namo Namo, but it was eating him from within.

But one fine day he had a great realization, if they were corrupt why would Modi support them? Modi is incorruptible .

Also since they are supporting Modi as PM, which is a greater dharma, all other adharma ,even if done ,would be wiped clean. Anyways Modi is the only one who has the right to become the PM.India best politician, Bangaru laxman

It is like Mahabharata, where Arjun’s killing of his kins was OK because he was fighting to get the throne for his brother, A throne that anyways belonged to his brother.

A criminal is not a criminal if he is fighting to get the Namo to the , rightfully his, PM chair.

Sohan, is a happy man now.

Author name with held as she fears her phones would be tapped in case BJP comes to power.

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