BJP Gives Kiran Bedi a Snub, Makes Legendary Binny the BJP Delhi CM Candidate

Putting all speculations about BJP’s Delhi CM Candidate to rest, Amit Shah has announced that the Legendary Vinod Kumar Binny would be its CM Candidate.

The statement said that Binny has been fighting against the tyrannical rule of the Monster Kejriwal for much longer than Bedi. He has been single-handedly exposing AAP for such a long long time.

Binny has also won elections 3 times and hence is much more experienced than Kiran bedi in this field .

It should be noted that one of the objections raised by BJP agaisnt kejriwal was lack of political experience , and by fielding Binny instead of Kiran Bedi as BJP Delhi CM Candidate , BJP has stayed true to their words.

Binny is known as a Giant Killer and has a stellar record . His Sharp pointed and well researched criticism is a tale of legends . With he being the Face of BJP now, kejriwal stands no chance —Said an unnamed source

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