Bjp ashamed at its men being caught with such less amount of black money in new notes

Due to latest demonetisation drive, many people have been left strandard without money. 

But this does not stop black marketers and people with power to convert their black To white using various creative methods. 

IT department has recently caught many people for possession of unexplained money in new notes. This also includes many people connected with the ruling party Bjp,  and the currency confiscated from them has been in the range of a few lakhs to a few crores. 

This has left the party red faced. 

Just a few lakhs? Is that what we have come to… Said a bjp party member 

The party is losing its face among its peers and also doing injustice to its rich history….literally 

To combat this,  the party had asked all its people to keep atleast 10 crores at all times. 

In case a functionary is caught with less than 10 crores, it is advised to contact the headquarter immediately to make up for the deficit. 

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