Big Bang was not such a Great Idea: God

The GOD has recently released a statement that, ‘creating this universe with a Big Bang was not such a great idea’.

big bangGod Said that he could have simply popped the world into existence, as he had initially planned and even written in the holy book, but he got a little carried away with his power and decided to make a big show of it all via a Big Ass Explosion ..Known as The Big Bang.


This Big Bang he said has created many problems. Humans too seem to have evolved into a race that likes explosions for no FU****G reason, they like to blow up houses, places of worship, Cars, other human beings and obviously the bubble wrap.

Though God admits that he too finds bubble wrap bursting pretty satisfying.

God said that it was his fascination with big explosions and violence (remember he wiped all humans once..except his homies) that seems to have manifested itself in humans.

God also said that scientists all over the world have wasted an inordinate amount of time trying to search for hints of Big bang instead of blindly following his diktat, for which they were created.This behavior seems to destroy his divine plan.

Hence God said that in hindsight he should have done exactly what he wrote in the holy book.

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