BCCI Bans Maid for life because she had connections with Lalit Modi

In a shocking new development BCCI has fired their cleaning Lady ,Ramvati Bai.

BCCI also banned her and her entire family from ever working with BCCI as she has been found to have links with BCCI Ex Chairman Lalit Modi.

Ramvati Bai banned by BCCI because she met lalit modi

Ramvat Bai—Kahe ko muh khola

Ramvati Bai used to work at Lalit Modi’s Brothers Friend’s neighbour as a domestic help in 2009 before she was hired by BCCI to clean it’s offices.

BCCI spokesperson said that cricket is a sacred game and should remain sacred and BCCI will take all measures to protect it from private parties and vested interests.

This link was exposed when Ramvati bai claimed to have Met Lalit Modi once and also offered him tea when he visited the house where she worked.

I don’t know why I bragged about it to my friend ,don’t know what came over me, i should have kept my mouth shut cried Ramvati

BCCI has now started doing background checks of all employees, starting from peons and cleaning staff to make sure Lalit Modi has no access to BCCI. BCCI is also planning to add a column in application form with the following options

a)Met Lalit Modi

b)Saw Lalit Modi

c)Made Love to Lalit Modi

d)I swear my dying allegiance to BCCI and will be willing to shoot at sight  Lalit Modi

Anyone who chooses any option except D will be rejected.Farzi news suggests readers to choose option D under any circumstances if they wish to work with BCCI ever

How far will BCCI Go?

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