Balika Vadhu story ahead – Leaked script .The future episodes will change Television forever

Presenting The Maha khabar, direct from the sets of Maha episode of Baalika Vadhu.
Farz-i-leaks has revealed that their un-reliable sources have managed to grab and leak a screenplay copyBalika Vadhu storyof the Maha episode to be aired this Sunday.

Balika Vadhu story ahead

Scene 1:  Shiva (popularly known as Collector”sahab”) reaches Anandis house.

Anandi is busy cooking, and meanwhile, Dadi asks Shiva to wait for her in Anandi’s bedroom.

Scene 2: Jagdish has a fight with Gauri and goes for a heavy Drink.The Drink shows it’s effect and he calls Anandi to apologize.

scene 3  : Shiva finds the only landline in her room ringing and picks it up

Jagdeesh is shocked to hear a man’s voice on Anandi’s phone and shouts at him. His mouth starts frothing and his face turns red with anger

scene 4: Jagdeesh takes a gun and leaves for Jaitsar


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Scene 5: Jagdeesh finds Shiva’s house on the way and burns it using the petrol stocked in the back of his car.Someone calls shiva and Shiva rushes home .Fire-brigade vans are following him. Jagdeesh who is still waiting there sees Shiva and shoots him

scene 6: Police arrests Jagdish

Dadi sa also gives him a heavy dose of scolding with the burning house and dead body in the background. A slap with three replays will be inserted

scene 7: Dadi sa gets real angry, curses Gauri and gets a tantrik to kill him. Gauri dies within hours.

scene8: Anandi scolds dadi for her deed and Dadi gets a heart attack.


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scene 9: Bhairon sa, and his brother Maakhan finds this world no good and leaves for teerath yatra

scene 10: Anandi discovers that both Shiva and Dadi sa have left all their property to her.

Camera Zooms into Anandi’s face and she gives a develissh laugh.Now she is the only queen of jaitsar and neighhbouring cities.

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Copy the script of  “Na Aana is des lado”  with Anandi taking the place of Ammaji


At the very end we also found the following note by the writers of the script :

“Sir here is the next 2 years story as per the contract. Please accept me resignation and clear my dues(Pay my salary)”



Farzi Reporter: Yatin Khurana

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  1. usha says:

    In balika vadu. It is not correct to kill shiv. Bring him back.

  2. Usha says:

    It is not correct to kill shiv in balika vadhu. Bring him back.

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