Baba Ramdev announces a new brand of deodorant sprays

Baba Ramdev, yoga enthusiast and one of the main reasons why a number of hair transplanters have gone out of business is about to launch a new line of cosmetics and toiletries – and he’s starting with a can of deodorant. Imaginatively called the Ramdeo, it will be available for both men and women, announced Baba.

The launch was a glitzy affair, wherein B. Ra. made a grand entry with a couple of back-flips and a perfect landing on his butt, prompting the Twitterati to call him the Yogi Rear. In attendance, among others, were Sreesanth, Manmohan Singh, Srinivasan and other dignitaries in the direst needs of covering up their stink.

Asked by the mediaperson present there why the sudden shift to the traditionally ‘glamourous’ item like a deodorant spray, Baba Ramdev, in his inimitable humour and beard, showed yet again why he is still the best of the spawned-by-Astha-Channel –caped-badasses.

 The existing brand of deodorants all seem to me to be packaging and selling pheromones. I mean, what else would explain the weird advertisements? My brand would just make sure that it keeps you smelling good. I want them to go ‘Wow!’, not ‘Wow Chicka Wow Wow!’, said India’s most famous cross-dresser, without breaking into a sweat.


Next in line would be a range of perfumes called Yoga Pose, he proudly announced.

A couple of commercials for the new brand were also launched. And they were bold and innovative, to say the least. While one of the commercials shows a man taking a deep pranayam of self-control each time a lascivious lass lusts after him, the other shows a guy being able to pull off extremely complicated yoga stunts after applying a whiff or two of the Deo.

The RSS, Shivsena and other right-wing groups welcome the launch, and have already placed bulk orders with Patanjali, the parent company of Ramdeo.

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