Arvind Kejriwal announces a new movie

After creating tremors in the political world, by announcing their political venture, team ANNA is all set to shake the Indian cinema.

They have Announced a new movie to spread the theme of lokpal and anti corruption within  society.Movie on Jan Lokpal

The movie has been titled ” Ram Ram ” : the first Ram standing for the director ‘  ram gopal verma ‘ and second one for the lead character Ramdev .

RGV disapproved of Ramdev himself playing the lead character, as he does not want to take any creative inputs from the actor( reference: Ramu-Sanju-departMENTAL case ) and Ramdev’s creativity is also not unheard of .

Though Ramdev has denied the above fact and says he couldn’t participate due to problem with his dates (since Rakhi Sawant is doing an item number in the film, we assume with dates problem he meant his busy schedule of aandolans)

As if this was not enough , Laloo Prasad Yadav has Postponed the date of the release of much awaited “ chaara bechaara”  to coincide with the dates of ” ram ram” and has openly challenged them

Another update : Anu Malik has decided to lend the copyrights of his original (parody) Album ” KALA DHAN, VAPIS RAKH ” (tone of sadda haq ) to them. ( author : the cover of the album features Raamdev on the top of bus holding a guitar  )

Farzi Reporter: Yatin Khurana

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