Performance Artist Burns 10,000 trees to bring attention to plight of Rivers in India

Jose Venkat, a performance artist based out of Bangalore has started a campaign like no other.

In order to bring to light the plight of our Rivers, he created a monumental art piece “River of Ashes”. The art piece as the name suggests is a 1 Km long river made of just ashes.

Jose while speaking about the issue said

Rivers are drying up and our government is doing nothing. What will people do when we have no water left to drink ? I wanted to raise awareness about it by showing people how the world would look without rivers, hence the installation “River of Ashes”

To get enough ash for his installation, Jose cut up about 10,000 trees and burned them.

Environmentalists are enraged with Jose burning 10,000 trees but Jose maintained that this was necessary to bringĀ out the plight of rivers.

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