Arnab Goswami leading to extinction of birds

Noise pollution produced during Arnab Goswami’s News Hour show might be leading to extinction of several species of birds.

It is a well established fact that Noise pollution changes the behavior of birds , they are unable to communicate


Pic Courtesy :Harsh 2580 @Wikipedia

Scientists at Indian Ecological survey have now revealed that there is a strong correlation between Arnab goswami’s show  and the ill effects of birds.

Scientists have discovered that not only is the sleeping pattern of birds disturbed due to the echoing “Nation demands an answer” but their heartbeats also race ,leading to hear-attacks (an extremely rare phenomenon in birds).

Other ill effects are, the change in their flight paths and more importantly ,decrease in mating probability thus leading to decrease in their population.

Meneka Gandhi , the champion of animal rights, is planning to start a petition to get Arnab Goswami off air or atleast limit his decibel limit to a range that can only kill humans

Will or Can Arnab tame his voice for the birds is yet to be seen.

The “Nation Demands an Answer” Arnab

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  1. August 24, 2014

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