Archana Puran singh ,Secret Brand ambassador for Baba Ramdev’s Yoga classes in world’s greatest marketing stunt

Our unreliable sources have revealed that Archana puran singh the famous judge of comedy circus may actually be secretly working for BABA Ramdev.

Baba Ramdev is a Yoga guru and one of the more popular of his exercises is Laughter Exercise,where the Archana Puran singh and Baba Ramdevparticipants laugh without any reason. This exercise is eerily similar to what Archana does on the show.

Many followers of Baba Ramdev can be seen in parks every morning laughing merrily without any reason.When people see archana on TV they immediately recall the laughter of people in parks and hence brand recall of Baba Ramdev and his yoga is increased .

Many marketers consider this as possibly the greatest marketing stunt ever done. After we broke the news Sony TV is planning to sue Archana and Baba ramdev for using Sony TV for their Ads without actually paying them anything,though it’s Lawyers seem pessimistic.

The stunt is so intelligently crafted that Archana did not actually break any law…stated sony’s lawyer

It is yet to be seen by what percentage did enrollments in Baba Ramdev’s classes increase after Archana’s involvement.

Rumor mill has it, that maybe Navjot Singh Sidhhu  was also a part of this stint .

Both Archana and Baba ramdev were unavailable for comments .

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