Apple sues Infosys over NRN’s return


Apple Inc. the company well-known for its iconic products as well as its strong inclination to sue other companies, seems to have found its new

Narayana Murthy: Infosys Executive Chairman

Narayana Murthy: Infosys Executive Chairman. Pic Courtesy Wikipedia

opponent in Infosys Limited, the erstwhile Technologies company.

While details of the lawsuit are yet to emerge, it is believed that Apple’s main contention has been that Infosys has used its patented CEO-Callback technology that the company developed in the early 2000.

It can’t be denied that the recent re-institution of Narayana Murthy into the Infosys ranks bears an eerie resemblance to the fairy-tale resurrection of Steve Jobs into the topmost echelons of Apple. And while industry pundits have been, as is their habit, been either effusive or dismissive in their analysis of the issue, no one saw what Apple saw as a business opportunity – but then again, that’s what has helped Apple a gravity-defying growth (nothing against Sir Newton).

Talking to reporters outside the Tribunal Court at San Francisco, Apple spokesperson Sue Al said,

“it is indeed disheartening that instead of building their own assets, a company as respected as Infosys would try to emulate our model. I mean, like, what do they think they are? A Chinese firm manufacturing cheap knockoffs?”

While it is not clear how Infosys will retort to another staggering blow to the organization, close sources say that the company will contest by not allowing to have a say, at least on paper, in any billable projects, thus effectively making him an Executive Benchman.

Industry watchers, glued on to their TV sets, laptops and iPads, however believe that if Mr. Murthy does manage to turn around Infosys’ fortunes, will the company be subject to another lawsuit? After all, Apple has fiercely guarded its Bounceback technology!

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