Apple to start its own country

With value of Apple computers about to reach 1 trillion dollars,Steve Job’s company has decided to start its own country.
The country will be cut out of existing area of united states and Apple has proposed to buy off that Land from US

Apple Country

The newest country

With the amount of debt US is in,US government plans to honor this offer .

As per the plan areas of New York,Connecticut  and the state of Rhode Island will form a part of newly formed country. The country will have its own laws and own army.
Security is not a big concern ,as all Apple has to do to avert any aggressive attempt by US is, to threaten to stop selling iPhones in US

The current residents of the proposed area will have a choice to either pledge allegiance to Apple and despise android or leave the country and become part of what is left of US.

Apple sources said that this will also protect Apple computers from the threat of any competitors such as Microsoft and Google as all residents of its country will be made to use only Apple technology,if available, by Law

We are currently at the top and decided to lock in our customers before they plan to make a switch–Quoted an apple spokesperson

The current residents of rest of what will be left of US will also have a choice to shift to the new country only if they currently own an Iphone.The voting and final selection of residents will be done with the help of Siri

Some facts about the new Apple nations would be

  1. Father of the nation: Steve Jobs
  2. National Flag: Apple symbol
  3. National Color: White
  4. National Motto: Be Slim
  5. National Nemesis: Any Android user
  6. National Advisor: Siri

The Voting might commence soon ,if you are an US citizen,keep your iPhones ON

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