Apple launches iPhone 5 to keep Nokia in Business

Apple launched iPhone5 , the latest version of their popular smart phone. Apple employees as expected rated it as the best thing that ever happened and even summaried it in the tag line “Best thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone” , but the audience left  unsatisfied and confused.

How can making something slightly thinner and more shinier be the best thing ever? is what many customers asked.

Many people marked this as the day apple started going down and predicted that teh company would lose its market share soon while some people still beleived in the company.

Admist this hoople a farzinews reporter tried to get the actual stratergy behind apple iPhone 5 via the grapevine and was able to get hold of some useful information

Iphone 5

What a good samaritan Apple is, saving Nokia

As per the information, apple launched iPhone 5 not to sell more but to make sure Nokia stays in business. Nokia recently launched the latest version of its lumina series Lumina 900 and this is considered as the last attempt by  the erstwhile market leader to save itself.If Lumina fails, Nokia is pretty much out of business.

Though this seems good for Apple but in reality apple beleives that it can destroy its value because of the following reasons

1. All Nokia fan boys will turn to Samsung and not Apple thus strengthening Samsung

2.People pay a premium for apple products only because they look cooler in comparison to it;s competitors.With Nokia gone, the only major competitor it would have would be samsung which has proven that it can make as cool products as apple. If Nokia goes, apple might be forced to relook at its position in the market and maybe reassess the prices

3.iPhone sells as it is the phone of the hip and the trendy , if more Nokia users start buying iPhones the iphone will not longer fall in that category. Apple might have to give up that position and hence reduce prices

Overall it seems that this lame attempt by Apple was not actually a lame attempt but a brilliant strategic move to make Nokia lumina look good for some time and hence save Nokia. The next version of iPhone iPhone 5S is probably already in the waiting and will be released once Nokia has stabilized

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