Why Kiran Bedi Joined BJP ?: It was all Anna Hazare’s Conspiracy- A detailed account

After Kiran Bedi joined BJP , a new conspiracy theory has emerged that is as baffling but as awesome as it sounds. Given below is an account of one night during the last days of jan lokpal movement

It was December of 2011 Anna Hazare was in deep contemplation accompanied by Arvind Kejriwal ,Kiran Bedi , Vk Singh and a few other supporters. The question was simple, how do we really get the jan lokpal bill passed and end corruption once and for all?.

Congress leaders had mocked them that if they want the bill to be passed, they should try coming into power rather than doing Dharnas. It was also clear that Dharnas would never work for long.

None of the political parties it seemed would pass this bill. They needed another solution

Arvind Kejriwal was the first one to speak, he was against getting power , it corrupted he believed . It was a dirty game and no matter what you do, they would find someway to sling mud on you.

Bedi and VK singh on the other hand were more open to the idea on somehow wrestling power , but how?. Even if they individually won the elections, they would never really be able to get enough seats to get a majority. It would take ages to build a new party from ground up. Was India really in a position to wait that long?

No one really had any solution and a long silence prevailed . What would be the future of jan lokpal.?

Anna Hazare emerged from what looked like a deep meditation and presented a plan that baffled everyone present but left everyone in smiles because it might actually work.

Anna proposed: if a new party cannot be built ,an old one can be modified slowly but surely .

But how? Asked VK singh

By a Trojan horse . Getting your people In an old party in a way that they see it as a God-given gift. said Anna.

Anna went on to explain his plan,it was simple. He wanted one of them to jump in and start a new party , a party that looks like a big threat to established parties, a party that would be the public’s darling but somehow would never really gain power . A party that would never really Win but will always be a threat to bigger players .

But what if that party won? Asked Kejriwal.

Anna Smiled and said, you think winning the country’s election is so simple ? Keep your idealism aside, the party can not win a national election for next 50 years, it will never have enough resources. The amount of white money is not just sufficient .

Kejriwal sulked but he had to agree . It was not possible.

Anna proceeded with his plan.: The new party he said would threaten the established parties ,which would look for allies in jan lokpal movement to counter the new party morally .

That is when they should see splits in our core team, people bickering and publicly lashing out at each other. Some of our party members would get close to one of the established parties and seem friendly, praising them publicly for certain policies but maintaining their moral upright image.

The more noise the new party makes, more welcoming established parties would become to the estranged members of our core team and will finally invite them, with open hearts to their parties at senior positions.

That is when we start the process of slowly cleaning the established party , getting our people in , getting cleaner politicians , better scrutiny, more idealists and finally getting them to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill.

They will never realize when they became the champion of the bill they opposed.

There was a stunned silence when Anna finished. There was no arguing with him , because it was brilliant.

Finally Anna warned, all of you would lose a part of you in this battle, some will lose respect, some will lose the moral righteousness image and someone would become irrelevant eventually, lost in the history books or maybe even getting wiped out completely from public memory. It would be harsh, it would be lonely, you would not be the Heros India Wants but the Heros India needs.

But Anna knew, his warning was just a mere statement , all his team members were up for the battle. They were heros already.


That is how AAP(New party was born), BJP was chosen as the targeted established party. VK singh was the first to wean his way in as a test before they released the big gun Kiran Bedi

The plan worked beautifully.

That is why Kiran Bedi Joined BJP

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    this is wrong information or kiran bedi’s statunt…definetly not real news

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