Anna Hazare and team decides to bribe Parliament

Our unconfirmed sources have revealed that Anna hazare and team, fed-up with governments unstable stand on issue of jan lokpal and corruption, have decided to use the corruption against the government .

For the unnitiated ,Jan Lokpal is an anti corruption bill for which Anna and team has been fighting for years

Anna Hazare’s team plans to bribe the members of parliament to vote for Jan lokpal bill.What started as a joke on twitter has now become a reality

“We have taken this decision in good conscience and believe its for the greater dharma.Like lord Krishna we might not be keeping the word on teh law but are keeping the spirit of the law”. declared Arvind kejriwal

arvind kejriwal

If you cant convince them..simply bribe them

Team Anna plans to target Independent MPs and other smaller parties which might be up for sale as a starting point and later plan to move into congress and BJP

Team Anna has started a fund collection drive to collect money for this Nobel cause. While kejriwal will start collecting money from various NGOs and public, Kiran bedi will start a drive with reformed criminals .

It seems tihar jail inmates have pledged their 1 month salary for this noble cause. Their plea is that, if jan lokpal is passed, maybe the innocent ones languishing in jails might be able to get back their freedom


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