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anki Relief fund

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Anki, an innocent girl in her mid 20s needs your help. Recent events in her life have turned her life topsy turvy. Her condition is so miserable that our reporter could hardly control his tears.

It so happens that this young girl with promising future, a great mind and intellect has recently been diagnosed with acute TIBJ syndrome(Trapped in a boring job). This is a very rare disease in which the patient gets really really bored with the current work . No amount of manager pep talks or presentations or creating excel sheets can cheer them up.

It has various stages

Stage 1: Person becomes irritable,a little angry ,resentment builds up

Stage 2: Patient starts behaving irrationally, managers pep talks stop working,patient starts avoiding people ,work. Patient feels lazy and gets a little bored of monotonous work

Stage 4:Patient stops paying attention to detail, such as how many of you noticed we missed stage 3. If you did not, you are on stage 4. Excel sheets and powerpoints stop exciting the patiet

Stage 5: Patient becomes violent, sobs and cries sometimes, life doesn’t make sense. This is  a no return stage

Last stage: The symptoms are too horrific to describe here

Anki has been diagnosed with stage 5, the only cure is to stay home and do nothing. But how will she support herself? How will she pay for her weekly manicure,facial and shopping?

That’s where she needs your help. Help her in this time of distress.We have started anki relief fund for this purpose. If you want to donate please drop a line to

Alternatively we will donate 1 Farzi $ to this fund for every facebook like,tweet or email forward. We will ask Microsoft about how they track how many times email is forwarded and to whom (remember that forward and earn money campaign)

Please forward, like,comment,tweet this. Anki needs you. Rarely do you get a chance to help some one in need so easily.Your every acton matters


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