Amitabh Bachhan wet his pants

Yes this is a breaking news. Wetting a pant is an extremely embarrassing situation

Amitabh Bachhan

Amitabh Bachhan ,pants wet

This can happen to anyone anywhere and believe us its not nice. Many reasons are given for this but no one knows for sure what is the real reason

It seems our very own superstar  was also subjected to it ,making his pants unwearable for some time.

When we broke this story we got many encouraging and some discouraging comments.

Vishal from delhi applauded us saying that these kinds of news is very important for the public as they show us the human sides of our Gods

Sunikha from Ahmbedabad said that this is not right,some things need to be kept private,she would be interested in knowing Amitabh Bachans Cold symptoms or stool report but wetting his pants is something she thinks crosses the lines of  reporting

Irrespective of what people say it seems that the news certainly has created news all over.

Anyways it happened when Amitabh was in delhi shooting for a movie ,Radha Bai the house keeper and washing lady of  Amitabh bachchan,yes the washin lady, when drying  his pants at his mumbai residence, slipped off the stairs and dropping Amitabhs freshly dried pants in dirty water.

Bachchan’s Residence released a press statement that it was an old pant and ,Amitabh who had worn  it 3 times already was about to throw it away, so fans need not worry about Amitabh loosing a loved pant. Amitabh Bachchan was Ok and taking it well

Remember you read it first on Farzi News

On a sidenote :the washing lady is currently is hospital nrsing injuries from falling off the stairs

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