Amartya Sen’s choice of Kellog’s Chocos as favorite breakfast irks BJP

Amarty Sen’s recent remark that his favorite breakfast is Kellog’s chocos, has not gone down well with BJP which termed Sen’s choice of an american breakfast style, Anti Indian and unpatriotic.

During an interview with NDTV , a reporter asked Mr Sen about his eating habits to which he replied that he tries to stay away from sweets except for his daily dose of Kellog’s Chocos, which happened to be his favorite breakfast.

BJP’s Chandan Mitra slammed Amartya Sen, calling him Un Patriotic and Un Indian. He said that by choosing Kellog’s chocos as his favorite brand , Amartya Sen was simply trying to americanize the Indian youth.He further claimed that it was a conspiracy to prevent Narendra Modi to become the PM.

Mitra also asked for stripping Amartya Sen of Bharat Ratna as No BR should be allowed to endorse any non-indian way of living

Mitra also tweeted that how can any Indian chose Cornflakes over Paranthas as the best breakfast . Mitra’s comment about paranthas has not gone down well with Jayalalitha who asked how can he ignore the healthy breakfast of Idli and Wada. Mayawati and Mamta Banerjee have also expressed displeasure over not choosing their signature dishes as India’s favorite breakfast

BJP has called a high level meeting to decide which Breakfast would be their Favorite breakfast.We should see something in it’s manifesto

Chandan Mitra on Amartya Sen

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