Air India comes up with Novel way to make money: Fake flights

Air India ,India’s premium airlines is in a financial mess again, and this time around it has decided to implement some novel techniques to earn revenue.

This time apart from firing employees,reducing quality and skipping proper maintenance ,Air India has decided to open up a whole new market for Farzi flights.

Air India Fake Flights at your service

Air India Farzi Flights at your service

The service would be exactly same as what Air India provides with the only difference being that the plane will never take off.

The flights would be operated by Fake degree holders trained at fake training facilities and Fake aspiring air hostess .

Recently CBI caught various fake pilots who were flying planes without proper training and experience. Many of them were close relatives of DGCA officials and were super rich.CBI also cracked on a fake pilot training institute which was duping people promising flight license. This is the market Air India hopes to tap

“See the sheer number of fake pilots and training institutes justifies a demand for this new segment. With the number of parents wanting their sons and daughters  to be pilots and willing to spend any amount for it , this number will grow ,not to mention number of DGCA officials with adolescent Kids who already call themselves pilots . Fake pilot is a trend that is here to stay and Air India for once is trying to get the first movers advantage” ….said Air air India spokesperson justifying Air India’s plans.

But what about the passengers?

“We have done ample research on that and have found that we have a very willing passenger pool composed of people stuck on airports because of extreme delays. They have expressed that they would much rather wait in a stationary plane than airport , thus giving them a false sense of motion.This number is pretty huge”   replied a relatively proud Air India spokes person.

This service will be available 24×7  and will give its customers an almost real like flying experience complete with rude flight attendants and crappy food.Unlike conventional flights this plane service can operate under any weather conditions and can be “On Time” or “Delayed” on request.Biggest plus would be safety ,the plane will never crash.

Air India also plans to start special services such as heart attack on plane ,snake on plane and terrorist on plane .

“We plan to market this as being  better than a conventional flights and  want our customers to think beyond normal flights . Our target is to make students aspire to be farzi and fake pilots. We have even hired a pony tailed marketing guru for helping us with it”…quoted the air india spokesperson

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