Air India charges Passenger Extra for non-veg after Live lizard found in food plate

Lizard Found in Plane Food
During a recent international flight of Air India, a passenger found a Live Lizard in his veg meal . The moment the passenger noticed it , he screamed and threw away the plate.Live Lizard in plane food

But the Air India authorities were quick to make amends and promptly charged the customer for a “fresh Non Veg” meal instead of a simple “stale Veg meal”.

The Airlines maintained that the scream was not of fear but of joy

The passenger got free “Fresh Non-Veg” instead of veg food , why would he not be happy and scream in joy? Asked the Air India spokesperson

The Airline apologies for the initial wrong billing but claimed that they had to charge the passenger extra because they were already in a lot of losses . They also said that this extra money was going towards development of national airlines and the customer should be happy that he got a chance to contribute to the development of nation.

Surprisingly the customer did not eat the Live lizard . Air India Authorities are unhappy for this food wastage and have sought an apology.


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