Millions of Tolerant Indians threaten to withdraw from Organ Donor program unless they refuse Aamir Khan’s Organ donation

Aamir Khan’s personal views on rising tolerance in India have not gone down well with the tolerant Indians. After blacking his posters, burning his effigies and threatening him and his wife on twitter the Tolerant Indians have started targeting the brands that aamir supports

First they started giving 1 star reviews to Snapdeal and then moved to placing order with them and cancelling it after delivery leading to huge financial loss for millions of sellers

But now the tolerant Indian’s are threatening to go a step further. Aamir khan recently pledged to donate his entire body for science and has kind of become a poster boy for the movement. The Tolerant Indians are threatening to withdraw their names from Organ Donors list until the  donors society refuses to accept Aamir Khan’s body

We do not want a deshdrohi body. How dare he express his personal views on a subject that is so close to our hearts…we are a tolerant nation, we let him live here what else do you need? Said a tolerant Indian

“Aamir Khan Organ donor” sentence should not exist

None of the people on wait list for organ donation has joined the protest yet but the tolerant Indians spoke on their behalf and said

They would rather die than take an organ of an anti national~Said the tolerant Indian

In other news, tolerant indians also plan to harass tourists until all traces of the ad of Aamir promoting Atithi Devo Bhava is removed from www



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